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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do to be prepared for a new piercing?

  • Bring a Valid state or government issued Photo ID​

  • Be completely Sober (seriously)

  • Eat at least 4 hours prior

  • Avoid taking any blood thinners

  • Address any potential health related issues (if you require antibiotics before dental work, see your doctor before being getting pierced)

What is your policy on piercing minors?

  • We Pierce minors starting at age 8 for ear lobes and 14 and up for most other piercing ( If you have to ask, its the answer is probably "No")

    • Documentation Required for Minors. All forms of identification must be original hard copies. We can not accept photocopies. You will ONE of the following documents. 

      • Birth Certificate

      • State ID/ Temporary Permit/ Drivers License

      • Passport                                                                                                                                   

    • ***We will not pierce a minor without proper documentation, even with parent present. Click here for more info                 

    • State issued photo ID for parent or legal guardian (guardian must be present)

    • State issued or other official form verifying legal guardianship (birth certificate, court or state issued guardianship papers)

    • Note: Jewelry changes for a minor require the same IDs as piercing services. 

Are there any piercings that you do not offer?

Any ​piercing that can be performed with out compilations due to anatomy or any long term lasting problems. For instance we DO NOT perform:

  • Horizontal Tongue Piercings.

  • Oral Frenulum ("Smiley", Tongue Web) Piercings.

  • Surface anchors (Dermals)

  • Cheek/ Dimple Piercing

Additionally we do not perform most piercings with hoops/rings to start off with (with the exception ​of Daith and Septum Piercings)

Can I bring my own Jewelry?

TLDR​: No.

The jewelry that we purchase is from the leading manufactures of body jewelry that only make jewelry from materials proven to be bio-compatible. The same materials used in medical implants such as hip and knee replacements.

This is verified through Mill Certificates from the manufacture.

We know this jewelry to be the best option for your piercing to heal without incident (Providing all care is taken through out the healing of the piercing).

With this in mind, we can not say with any certainty, that the piercing will heal.

 We've done our part to ensure you have the best there is to offer for your piercing.

How much does it cost to get a piercing?

  • The cost of most piercings is a $40 piercing fee plus the cost of jewelry

    •  piercings done in pairs have a $50 piercing fee.

  • Jewelry can vary widely depending on what is appropriate for the specific piercing. Some of the simpler options can start around $40 and go up depending on style, complexity, gem settings, and material (Titanium, niobium, and 18k gold)

Can I bring a friend with me?

  • It is fine to Bring moral support. However, we ask that you do not bring a large group. We understand that getting a piercing can be exciting. Our goal is to create a calm and safe environment for all of our clients.

How Does my Jewelry work?

  • Here a couple videos to help along the way.

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